Liberty Wood Offset

The Shade Experts USA in conjunction with Las Vegas Umbrellas offers a full line of commercial cantilever umbrellas designed to create a safe shade environment for any restaurant, resort or home. The offset cantilever umbrellas will allow you the opportunity to have unfettered space beneath your umbrella, thus maximizing your patio or deck.


The Shade USA Liberty, Dual Freedom Models or the Quad all offer state of the art craftsmanship and all are extremely strong, beautiful and come in a wide array of color options.


Our design is based on strength durability as we are based in the Caribbean Basin and these cantilever umbrellas hold up in the tough wind and salt environment. So Las Vegas, these cantilever units are for you!


Call us to discuss which option best suits your location.


Custom printing is available on all Shade USA designs.


Call for a free rendition.

The Shade Experts USA Selections

Liberty Single Offset Umbrella

Liberty Single Offset


Freedom Double

Freedom Double Offset


American Quad

American Quad Offset


Strong Wind Telescopic