Fiberbuilt Umbrellas are great for those in frequently windy areas, because Fiberbuilt makes umbrellas made to last in such conditions. Moderately priced, the Fiberbuilt line is ideal for those who want an excellent product without having to spend an obscene amount of money.
Fiberbuilt offers a unique line of Beach, Patio and Market-style umbrellas. The Fiberbuilt line features patented fiberglass support “RIBS”, which bend but do not break. Unlike traditional metal and wood ribs, these fiberglass ribs are strong and resilient – bending and flexing to absorb wind without breaking or disfiguring…in winds up to 50 mph (tested at The University of Miami)!

Always the innovator, Fiberbuilt has created a new market for umbrellas that last and endure the elements. Their style and shade technology has been replicated by many, so shop at for the real deal.

Manufactured in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, the Fiberbuilt Umbrella line is made in the USA, with all sewing and assembly taken place in their factory.

There is no up-charge for Marine Grade Fabric, as Fiberbuilt believes every umbrella needs to be as strong as possible in order to survive the harsh sun and wind.

This durability, combined with an inherent resistance to rust and corrosion, results in umbrellas that last four to five times longer than traditional steel or wood ribbed umbrellas.

All Fiberbuilt Umbrellas are available for logo printing.