Cafe Umbrellas – An inside look


Café Umbrellas by Shade Systems are beautiful, durable, portable and collapsible, providing convenient shading for a variety of outdoor environments such as pools, water parks, theme parks, concessions, restaurants, patios, and other outdoor gathering places where people desire protection from the sun and dangerous UV rays. Cafe Umbrellas are large commercial market umbrellas that add style and color to outdoor gathering areas.

Unlike traditional umbrellas with a center post that gets in the way, the distinctive Cafe Umbrella design features a cantilevered “offset” support post which allows maximum flexibility for seating underneath. Café Umbrellas are commercial quality and feature an innovative patented crank mechanism, which allows a single person to quickly and easily collapse the umbrella into a folded position. Just turn the crank, conveniently located behind the umbrella’s support column, and the canopy closes in case of inclement weather!

Single Square Cafe 10′ x 10′ Umbrella by Shade Systems
Double Square Cafe Umbrella by Shade Systems
Single Hexagon Cafe Umbrella by Shade Systems
Double Hexagon Cafe Umbrella by Shade Systems